Web "Class"

Spring 2016: Some friends asked me to teach their kids more about "computers and languages and stuff". Sensing that the parents weren't sure what exactly they were looking for, I decided that learning to make a website would be a good starting point. We now meet every other week to code together. It's fun to see the kids get so excited about everything. Hopefully we can move on to some more intensive maker activities as time goes on. Our goals so far: make things and have fun!

Keyless Entry Remote

Spring 2014: I like driving around in my 2003 Honda Civic because it has a manual transmission. The only frustrating aspect was that it didn't have the ability to unlock by the press of a button like most cars these days. So, I decided to install a keyless entry remote system. They are fairly inexpensive (~$30-$40) and relatively easy to install once you figure out your car wiring system. Installation guides, wiring diagrams, online videos, etc. also help. I am now the proud owner of a car that I can lock/unlock with the press of a button!

Electric Motorcycle: the REcycle

Summer/Fall 2013: Some friends and I are going to make an electric motorcycle! The project is still in the initial stages so more info to come once we've gotten more done. The basic plan is this: find an old motorcycle (recycle it essentially), take the engine and associated components out, put in an electric drive train, and learn a ton through the whole process.

Update: This project has been put on hold due to safety concerns. Gloria does not want me to get run over by some space cadet who is texting while driving. Perhaps we'll bring this one back to life once Texas passes a no-texting-while-driving law.

International Future Energy Challenge

Fall 2010 to Spring 2011: Every two years the IEEE Power Electronics Society sponsors a student engineering team competition called the International Future Energy Challenge. I'm one of the primary graduate student advisors for the team from U of Illinois. Our project is to make an emergency water treatment device run off of the energy supplied by a single photovoltaic panel. The team will design, build, and test the power electronics and controls for the competition that will be held in July of 2011. Update: We qualified for the final competition but were not able to attend.

Buck-Boost Converter for Exercise Bike Demo

Fall 2010: Igor Fedorov and I designed and built a buck-boost converter for a demonstration used in the Engineering Open House. In the demo, an electric generator that is attached to an exercise bike provides power to a bank of various lights. A converter is needed to regulate the supply for the CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). A picture of our converter is shown below.

EOH buck boost converter
Non-inverting buck boost converter

Resurrected Router

Spring 2011: My wireless router started to get finicky and died one day. I wasn't sure what the problem was but I took it into the lab to find out. I tested the power supply to see if it was supplying the correct DC voltage. Fortunately, it wasn't. I say fortunately because I was able to fix it. If it was something else inside the router it would be harder for me to debug. So I took apart the supply (the hard part was prying open the case) and - surprise, surprise - the electrolytic capacitor had failed. It was a standard size capacitor and easy to replace. Now my router works again!

Fixed router power supply
Fixed router power supply

Cell Phone/USB Charger

Spring 2010: A couple of other grad students and I wanted to get a little more hands-on experience with not only designing and building power converters but also in demonstrating and teaching others how to do it. We decided to tackle a simple problem and make some videos of the whole process. Since we got pretty busy with all our other work, this project had to take a back seat for a while. Our goal is to build a simple cell phone charger that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter in a car. We designed it using the specifications of an old cell phone I have. The picture below is the first revision of the simple board. Since the output is 5 V (and rated up to 1 A), I might put a USB port on the output so that other devices can use it too.

in car cell phone charger
Buck converter for cellphone charger (in car)

Engineering Open House

Spring 2010: Since I'm the Vice Chair for the IEEE PELS/PES student chapter at Univeristy of Illinois, I am in charge of the exhibit that the power and energy group puts on for Engineering Open House. We have lots of fun demos that explain various aspects of power electronics, electric machines, power systems, etc. to visiting children and adults.

My website

Spring 2010: As you can see, this website has been a little bit of a side project for me. I used to be much more active in website development when I was in high school. I decided to relaunch my website and bought the domain pradeepshenoy.com. It's hosted on my friend Bob's webspace. I used a css style sheet to help with setting up the overall style. I edited it a bit though and also used PHP to make it a little more dynamic than just HTML. My next steps are to populate the website with more content and make a Mandarin version of it!

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